Pieter bakker

Empowering businesses
with Open Source technologies.

Over 20 years of experience in Business Process Analysis and IT Consulting, specializing in Linux-based systems and Open Source Solutions. An entrepreneur at heart and (co)founder of multiple companies, always looking for new opportunities and challenging business initiatives, especially in the field of marketing technology, e-commerce and AI.

Open Source


Offering in-depth analysis of existing business processes and providing objective, vendor-neutral advice to define a clear strategy to accelerate digital transformation that fosters innovation and drives growth.


Providing expertise needed to design, build, secure and maintain container-based cloud agnostic infrastructures to run your business-critical applications securely in the cloud whether private, hybrid or public.

Self-Hosted Apps

Self-hosting your open source software means digital freedom with full privacy protection and control over your data that can be easily migrated to other platforms or applications if desired without risk of vendor lock-in.

Dedicated to defending your Digital Freedom by promoting the best free and open source programs available!