Upgrading Mautic to a specific version.

Sometimes you want to upgrade Mautic to a specific version for testing or because it is necessary to upgrade to a latest version in several steps. In this guide, we’ll show you a way to accomplish that.

First go to the Mautic github page and copy the download link of the the version you want to upgrade to.

Download the zip file.

# wget https://github.com/mautic/mautic/releases/download/2.15.3/2.15.3-update.zip -P /usr/src/

Before updating your Mautic change the user for the Mautic console to the default web server user (for Debian/Ubuntu www-data).

# alias mtc='sudo -Hu www-data php /var/www/mautic/app/console'

Check the new alias by executing following command :

# mtc mautic:campaigns:update --help

Now we can update Mautic using the previously downloaded file.

# mtc mautic:update:apply --update-package=/usr/src/2.15.3-update.zip --force

To finish the update we need to clear all the cache.

# rm -rf /var/www/mautic/app/cache/prod
# mtc cache:clear

If all went well you should now have upgraded to the new version of choose. You can check the version you are running by executing the following command :

# console --version

This should allow us to login to are upgraded Mautic system. But you might also want to check the database mappings and schema to ensure .

Check migration status .

# console doctrine:migrations:status

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