How to Install LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD) with OpenLiteSpeed

Although OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) can work well with Redis or Memcached for object caching, it is recommended to use LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD), which was developed specifically for OLS and guarantees the best performance. LSMCD is unfortunately not available as a package for Ubuntu/Debian nor for CentOS/RHEL and thus will have to be compiled and installed manually….


Edit php.ini settings for OpenLiteSpeed.

Modifying PHP settings is a common task when setting up a PHP-based website. Most of the settings in OpenLiteSpeed ​​can be configured with the Web Admin Console, but unfortunately this does not apply to the PHP settings. Although it is possible to add this functionality to the Web Admin Console with individual settings per virtual…

How To Redirect All OpenLiteSpeed HTTP Traffic To HTTPS.

First login to the OpenLiteSpeed Web Admin Console.Click on “Configuration” and then on “Virtual Hosts” in the top navigation.Click on the virtual host you would like to redirect all traffic for.Click on “Rewrite” from the sub top navigation bar.Click on “Edit” in the top right of the “Rewrite Condition” box and change “Enable Rewrite” from…